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NorthPoint Domain Inc. Privacy Policy
NorthPoint Domain Inc. (NPD) has created this privacy statement in order to explain to you our commitment to privacy. This Privacy Policy describes our information gathering and dissemination practices for any website NPD owns and manages (the "Website"). We urge you to read the following information so that you will understand both our commitment to you and your privacy, and how you participate in that commitment. (Last reviewed on June 28, 2004)

Voluntarily Provided Information
When you register as either a patient or medical professional user of the Website, you voluntarily provide personal information to NPD. NPD may also collect other information that you voluntarily provide to us through your responses to surveys or through our online feedback and survey form. Whether you are a patient or medical professional user, we will continue to use your information as described in this Privacy Policy unless and until you notify us that you do not want your information used by NPD.

Our Use of IP Addresses
NPD collects and stores Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. We collect IP addresses to maintain and analyze our system. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer whenever you access the Internet. All computers are identified on the Internet using IP addresses. IP addresses allow computers and servers to recognize and communicate with each other. NPD's use and analysis of IP addresses does not personally identify Website users. However, NPD may attempt to use IP addresses to help locate users who refuse to follow NPD's Terms of Use and to identify users who threaten our service, site, customers, or others.

Our Use of Cookies
We may also collect information about you and your use of the Website through the use of "Cookies". Cookies are small computer files that are transferred to a computer's hard drive from websites. Cookies allow websites to display content on web pages specifically designed for you. If you do not want information to be collected through Cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browser software programs that allows you to reject or accept Cookies. Our Website is highly personalized and customized for each registered user. Because of this, if you are logged in as a registered user, our Website requires the use of Cookies for you to use many of the Website features. If you link out of our Website to Third party websites, they may also use Cookies. We do not control third parties use of Cookies or how third parties use the information they gather.

User Registration
If your physician gives you access to and you register as a patient user on the Website, you voluntarily provide information such as your name, zip code, sex, and/or age. Although your email address is optional, we encourage you to submit your email address so that we may contact you about changes to this Privacy Policy and other important matters. You may also voluntarily provide information about the conditions, tests and treatments that your physician has asked you to review on the Website. We collect this information to deliver to you a highly customized and personalized Website experience. You may modify any of your personal information, except your username, at any time by logging into the Website with your unique username and password and selecting "Edit Personal Info".

If you register as a medical professional member of the website, you voluntarily provide information such as your name, address, email and other information that may or may not be displayed to the public. We collect this information to create your healthcare provider's website and to create a highly customized and personalized website experience for you and your patients. You may modify your personal information, except your username, at any time by logging into the Website with your unique username and password and selecting "Edit Personal Info". A registered Website user must create and use a username and password to verify the user's identity when logging into the Website. NPD Websites use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your personal information on the Internet. The SSL technology, originally developed by Netscape, has become the universal standard on the Web for verifying the connection between websites and Web browser users. SSL is also the universal standard for encrypting and securing communications between users and websites. On our Website, all pages that you may use to enter, view, modify or delete your personal information are secured with SSL technology. You may modify your password at anytime by logging into the Website with your unique username and password.

Your Responsibilities for Protecting Information
If you are a registered user of this website, it is solely your responsibility to control any and all access to your username and password, to log out when you leave the Website, and to immediately inform NPD of any reason to disable your username and/or password.

External Links to Third Party Websites
NPD provides links to third-party external websites as a convenience to you. It is important to know that this Privacy Policy does not cover any of these external websites. These third party external sites have their own privacy policies. NPD has no control over the privacy policies or content of any third party external websites. Please be sure to check the privacy policies of each site you access through our Website, as they may differ.

Release and Use of Your Information
NPD will not share with any third party any information (such as your name, email address, or mailing address) that can identify you personally, or allow a third party to contact you, except under the special circumstances described in the next paragraph.

NPD may share personally identifying information with your direct, explicit permission. NPD may share personally identifying information in other special cases when we have good reason to believe that sharing this information is necessary to identify or bring legal action against someone who may not be following the NPD terms and conditions or may be causing injury to (either intentionally or unintentionally) other NPD users, NPD itself, or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities. Lastly, NPD must cooperate and share personally identifying information if required by applicable law.

NPD may do internal research using the information provided to us by users when registering, our system activity files or any other information that you voluntarily provide to NPD. NPD will analyze only information about users that is stripped of any personally identifying information (such as your name, email address, or postal address) and then summarized so that our employees do not see users' personally identifying information. NPD may share some of this summarized information, containing no personally identifying information, with business partners. If you have agreed to allow NPD to communicate with you, NPD may use your information to communicate with you as a user of our services. Users may choose to remove themselves from future mailings at any time (please see the opt-out section below).

Our Opt-out Policy (or How to Ask Us Not to Use Your Information)
At registration, NPD provides users the opportunity to opt out of receiving any communication from us. We also give all of our users the option to remove any and all of their information from our databases and to not receive future communications by sending an email to Revisions to Privacy Policy

If you supplied NPD with a valid email address, NPD will send notification to the email address supplied by you if there is a significant change in this Privacy Policy. We will also post a changed Privacy Policy on our Website thirty days prior to using a new Privacy Policy. For any user who chooses not to agree to this or any new Privacy Policy, please refer to our opt-out policy directly above.

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