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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Gateway Cardiology's practice specialties?
A. Full non-invasive & interventional Cardiology
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Q. What hospitals are you affiliated with?
A. Click here if you would like to view a list of Hospitals we are Affiliated with.
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Q. What insurances are you affiliated with?
A. Click here to view a list of Insurance companies and plans that are accepted at our office
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Q. How do I make an appointment?
A. Please call the office nearest you & speak with one of our office staff that will assist you in making an appointment. Please make sure that you have all important information available at the time you are making an appointment including insurance information, referring physician, & reason for visit.
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Q. What are your appointment policies?
A. When we schedule an appointment for you, we will do our best to see you promptly. If an emergency occurs with another patient, you may be asked to wait beyond your appointment time. If this is inconvenient, please let us know & we will re-schedule your appointment. All of our physicians rotate through the clinics at all of our office sites. We feel that it is important for all of our physicians to have the same rapport with each patient.
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Q. When I make an appointment will I have forms to fill out?
A. "Patient Information Forms" are pre-visit forms which help you consolidate your medical history in preparation of your visit to our office. Please Print and Complete all these forms by hand (please print legible). Bring these forms with you when visiting our office
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Q. What are your office hours?
A. Our normal business hours are from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Phone calls will be answered during those hours and messages taken by our personnel staff will be returned as promptly as possible. The physicians are not always available in the office as they are performing procedures or seeing patients in the hospital. However, an RN will always be available to assist you with any of your concerns. Should the need arise to contact our physicians after normal business hours, then you can call the Exchange at (314) 812-7676 or 1 (800) 520-6655.
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Q. If there is an emergency, who should I contact?
A. In the event of an emergency during or after office hours, contact your local rescue service (911) or go to the nearest emergency room*.

*It is important that you tell the ER staff who your cardiologist is.
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Q. How do I get prescription refills?
A. Your pharmacy will usually call our office & notify us when you will need refills. Once approved by one of our physician, refills will be processed and ready for pick up at the pharmacy of your choice.
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Q. Do all procedures require hospitalization?
A. No. Some procedures can be done in the office or at a free standing Cardiac Catheterization Lab.
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Q. Do you have a document that reviews on Pre-Hospital & Pre-Procedural Instructions?
A. Click Here if you would like to view our Pre-Test & Pre-Procedural Instructions.
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Q. Do you have a document that reviews Discharge Instructions?
A. Click Here if you would like to view our Discharge Instructions.
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